What is mini face lift?

A mini face lift is a quick and easy solution to contemporary wrinkled and saggy skin problems. The procedure includes removing excess tissue from the face and tightening that is remaining. Face Lift is the most popular surgical anti-aging cosmetic procedures for middle-aged men and women today. The effects are permanent and will make one look years younger almost immediately. It is ideal for both men and women who are above 40 and suffer from the signs of aging such as loose, sagging skin and gaunt-looking or wrinkled facial features. Incisions are made around the ears and the temple area of head, where the skin is detached from the tissues. During face lift surgery, the skin is pulled tight and re-positioned, facial muscles are tightened, and excess tissues are also removed. The result is a tighter, firmer and all together younger looking facial appearance.

Benefits :-
● Compared to other facelift procedures it has less swelling and little to no side effects
● Minimal scarring
● Most cases only require as little as an hour of surgery
● Conservative treatment and the ability to opt for localized anesthesia

Procedures :-
During the surgery, an incision is made at the base of the earlobe, the length and size of which depends on the surgeon and the requirements of the patient. The cut is followed by pulling up the tissues upwards and suturing them to the back of the neck. The excess tissue is trimmed down and the patient is left with the skin elasticity they had maybe a decade ago
2 hours
2-3 days in-patient care
Stitch out
2 days
2-4 weeks