What is Fat graft injection or transfer ?

Fat graft injection or transfer is a common method which is used to change the shape of faces. As we aged, the dermis under our skin thins out, which can leave the face looking thin and has the effect of making the skin look like it sags. A facial fat transfer adds fat to the area beneath the skin, and has the effect of 'filling out the face' to a more youthful state. In addition to filling out wrinkles in the face, highly purified fat injections also enhance the blood circulation in the tissues. This is because there is a population of adipose stem cells in the fat cells that are re-injected. Even with only minimal manipulation, such as centrifugation, a small plug of Adipose Stem Cells (ASC's) are collected in high density fat grafting. Thus, a small number of regenerative type cells are re-injected into your face with high density fat processing techniques. Fat is usually harvested from the abdomen or thighs under local anesthesia. Unlike liposuction, the harvest for fat grafting is performed gently. Using a delicate aspiration technique, the fat cells are removed, gently washed, and prepared for transfer according to a specific scientific protocol. The micro droplets of fat cells are then injected into the face through a tiny opening in the skin. The cheeks, lips, jawline which have receded away can be easily corrected via this method. The result may take several weeks to surface and after the surgery and may be swollen for a period of several days. It’s natural and is a part of the recovery process. The changes also seem to hold up for many years, making this procedure quite efficient as well.

Regions for face for fat graft transfer:
● Sunken temple and forehead
● Sunken upper eyelids
● Tear trough / sunken cheeks
● Laugh lines
● Lips for augmentation
● Chin

● Completely natural process since the fat is taken from your own body
● Autologous fat also reduces the chances of allergies
● It's long-lasting and safe

30 min
Stitch out
1-2 weeks