What is chin reduction/enhancement?

Most people don’t feel comfortable the way they look. A slightly bigger or receded chin can damage one’s self-esteem. Given how simple a chin reduction or enhancement is, many are opting for this surgery to make their face look more harmonious and well-balanced. One thing to note is that the chin doesn’t stop growing until you’re 20 years old, so make sure you’re past that age before thinking of any kind of procedure.

● Almost any kind of customizable chin can be achieved by this procedure
● Helps in giving a more natural appearance which in turn boost your self-confidence

Precautions: -
● Along with drinking and smoking, non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin-containing medicines should be avoided 1-2 weeks prior the surgery.
● This is to prevent the thinning of the blood, which might result in excessive bruising and bleeding during the procedure.

Procedure: -
The surgeon makes an incision under the chin or inside the mouth, whichever is more suitable. After that, the surgeon detaches the bone at the base of the chin and reshapes it accordingly, either reducing or enhancing it as per requirements. The tip after repositioning is attached with the chin and is held together with the assistance of plates and wires. Any kinds of risks and is greatly reduced when the procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon. Do consult Dr. Darren for consultation for best option.
Stitch out
2 days
2-4 weeks