What is Short Nose Lengthening ?

A short nose can ruin the look of the whole face. If the length of the nasal tip is too short it can even expose the nostrils which can look displeasing. The reconstruction will mainly focus on rebuilding of adequate tip-support structures of the nose. The short nose can be lengthened through below 3 procedures:
1. It can fix disproportionate short nose tip
2. It can fix over-rotated or upturned nose caused due to previous surgery
3. It can fix nostrils that are overly visible

Procedure: -
This procedure is done by restructuring the nasal tip to rebuild the framework by using an autologous material like ear cartilage or septal cartilage. The tip of the nose can be pulled downward by using the cartilage. The nasal bridge can also be raised using an implant to provide a better look if required.
1 hour
Local / General
1-2 days
Stitch out
7 days
1-2 weeks