Nose Shaping Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Nose Shaping Surgery: A 3-Dimensional Augmentation

How is nose shaping surgery defined

Our nose is perceived as the most prominent and central structure of the face. It has a major impact on a person's first impression and determine the attractiveness of the face. A high and 3-dimensional nose is an identity of attractiveness for women and a symbol of confidence and sophistication in men. Thus, nose shaping surgery is one of the most popular and commonly requested aesthetic procedures. Commonly, patients describe their desire to achieve elevation of the nasal dorsum, refinement of the nasal tip and narrowing of the nasal base. Rhinoplasty is nose shaping surgery to sculpture the nasal bone and cartilage to improve the nose appearance and provide more balance and harmony to the face. This procedure will introduce some additional framework underneath the skin to raise and straighten the bridge-line. During the procedure, the surgeon will reshape the structure of your nose according to your desires. Droopy and enlarged noses, noses with bumps on the bridge can be fixed with the help of rhinoplasty.

Suitable for: -

The nose shaping techniques that may be used alone or in combination suitable for person with below condition:
Low nasal dorsum
Nasal tip is thickened, enlarged or inadequate in projection
The nostrils flare excessively or nasal base is wide
The nose is off-center or crooked due to trauma
There is a bump on the nasal dorsum when viewed in profile
Previous surgery has created an asymmetric appearance