How are anti-aging eyelid procedures defined?

There is no area of the face that is more likely to show the signs of aging than the eyes. The signs of aging first appear around your eyes in the form of wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles under the eyes and the drooping of both the upper and lower eyelids. All of these can impair your field of vision and cause problem in your daily activities. .

Types of anti-aging eyelid techniques

The anti-aging eyelid techniques that may be used alone or in combination include:
Upper Eyelid Lift - removal of excess upper eyelid skin and fat
Eyebrow Lift Surgery - creating incision, removing sagging skin beneath eyebrow and tightening the muscles to lift them up creating younger looks
Eye Bags Removal Surgery - removing a small amount of excess skin and fat pads of the lower eyelid with an inconspicuous incision beneath the lash line
Nonsurgical Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation - restoring volume to the tear trough and softening the lid-cheek junction with injectable facial fillers
Fat grafts for tear trough and volume loss - autologous fat, harvested from your own body, is transferred to restore youthfulness to the eyelid and lid-cheek junction areas
Laser resurfacing - using laser treatments to improve colour, texture, and tone of the eyelid area