Hospitalization for Burn Injury Treatment

Hospitalization is required for severe burns. In some cases, patients with a second-degree burn may require medical treatment in a hospital. For optimal treatment and outcome, patients with third and fourth degree burns will be admitted into a specialized burn center. The hospitalization treatment process for burn injuries will depend on the severity of the burn, including how much of the patient’s total body surface area (TBSA) is affected.
Procedures : -
- Stabilizing the Patient
- Prevention & Treating Shock
- Debridement
After the burn patient is stabilized, specialists will debride the burn area. Debridement is the process of removing contaminated, infected and dead skin tissue from the affected area. Debridement helps to decrease inflammation, prevent infection, and improve healing in the patient
- Burn Management (antibiotics & follow up surgery)
- Wound Care (Dressings)
- Pain Management
- Patient Nutrition