Ear Shaping Surgery (Otoplasty)


What is Ear shaping surgery (Otoplasty)?

Unnatural ear shape can be psychologically damaging for anyone regardless of age. It can also damage the over aesthetic of the face. However, reconstructive surgery can reshape your ears and even help curing medical problems. The shape and condition of abnormal ears can vary a lot. Thus it requires different kinds of ear reconstructive surgery procedures to combat different conditions.


- This condition is also known as bat ear because it is forms an abnormally protruding ear. It is caused by poorly developed anti helix and scapha along with a long concha.
Procedure - This is relatively easy ear surgery. To fix this problem the surgeon may change the shape of the ear cartilage or tie the ear to point in the direction of the scalp. The optimal age for surgery is ages above 7. It takes around 30 minutes to complete the procedure on each ear. The stitches are removed after 7 days.
1. Patient should be careful about not letting any water enter their ears. 2. During the recovery period the patient should refrain from lying on their side. 3. The patient can experience Paresthesia for a while on the treated area after surgery. The ears may swell a little and look bigger after surgery but will return to their normal size after a few weeks.