What is Breast Reduction surgery?

Breast reduction is a procedure by which a woman can reduce the shape and size of her breast to give to a more natural look. Oversized breasts can lead to certain problems such as shoulder and neck pain, as well some skin issues. The female body has a hard time supporting the excess weight of overgrown breasts and a breast reduction surgery can put a stop to it.
The surgery is advised by people who have saggy and large breasts or are suffering from other health issues due to heavy breasts.
The way the surgery is performed varies from person to person, depending upon the size, shape, and sagginess of the breast, as well as the physical health of the woman.

Breast Reduction Approaches : -
● Liposuction is suitable for women who have an elastic skin and a moderate drop in the breast. Only a small amount of fat can be removed by this procedure and it also leaves the least number of scars.
● The periareolar incision is yet another method for breast reduction. Compared to liposuction, this procedure is a bit more effective at removing breast tissue. However, in terms of surgical, procedures, this leaves the least amount of scarring.
● A vertical incision, also known as ‘lollipop incision’ is yet another method that can remove a significant amount of breast tissue. It is considered an upgrade over the usual periareolar incision and it also helps to preserve nipple sensation.
● The abdominal incision is prescribed only to those who have an excessive amount of breast tissue. This method is most effective when it comes to removing a huge amount of fat, with a downside. Due to the nature of this procedure, it may leave some permanent scars. Hence, it is considered as a last resort for extreme situations.

Important Notes: -
● The surgery usually takes 3-4 hours with a recovery period of up to 2 weeks, depending upon the procedure.
● The patient will be discharged with a surgical bra and expected to feel some soreness following the initial days after the surgery.
● The results of a breast reduction may not be evident from day one. However, the results can be seen gradually.