What is Breast Lift?

Often referred to as a Mastopexy, breast lift is a procedure which involves the relocation of the nipple and to improve the overall appearance and shape of drooping breasts. The shape or volume of the breasts lost during heavy weight loss programs and pregnancies can also be restored and brought back to natural symmetry with a simple lift. Although in case of saggy breasts, an augmentation is also suggested.

Benefits : -
A breast lift can: ● Correct saggy and droopy breasts
● Adjust the volume and shape of your breast after breastfeeding
● Help women who have lost a lot of weight through strenuous weight loss programs

Types/grades of breast lift: -
● Grade 1: Where the nipple is 1 cm below the fold ● Grade 2: Where the location of the nipple 1 to 3 cm below the fold, but it is still above the lowest part of the breast. ● Grade 3: In this case, the nipple points downward and is 3cm or more below the fold.
Precaution : -
After detecting the severity of breast sagging or breast ptosis, the breast size and droopiness are also considered before moving on to the surgical process. Women suffering from a minor grade sagging can opt to get an augmentation. In such cases, a simple implant alone corrects the ptosis without the need of any lifts. In the situation where you already have had an implant or satisfied with the shape and size your breasts, with the help of periareolar incision the nipple-areola can be relocated. The sagging tissue can be lifted upwards for a more balanced contour.
Important Notes : -
● The degree of ptosis should not be decided by the patient. They should always seek professional advice before going on with the procedure.
● A breast lift should not be considered before or during pregnancy.
● Women suffering asymmetrical, underdeveloped breasts with unusual nipple-areola positions should opt for a breast lift since it isn’t something to be ashamed of. Having a near perfect body not only boost your confidence but also raises your self-esteem.