Why i-Aesthetic

At i-Aesthetic all your surgeries will be conducted by Dr.Darren Khoo Teng Lye.
Dr. Darren is a highly qualified Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon.
Our medical professionals have undergone years of medical training and have experience in treating all kinds of plastic and reconstructive surgeries.
We will guide you toward the best possible route you can take to fix your problems in an affordable way.

Accredited and Reputable

Surgeon Dr. Darren Khoo Teng Lye
Commitment in Using the Finest Technique

More than 15 Years of Numerous Surgical Experience

The Key to Satisfactory & Exciting Results

Great System produces superb results

Minimal Recovery Time

With a Clear Guidance on Thorough After-care System

With Safety Comes Trust

Exclusive 1:1 Anesthesia System Giving Assured Safety

Advanced Hospital Grade Facilities

Ensure Your Top Priority Health Needs

We take care of our patients from the start to finish.
You can visit us for -

We don’t compromise on your comfort and safety.
Our facility contains state of the art medical and diagnostic equipment to diagnose and monitor our patients.
Nurses and doctor make rounds and take care of any problems arise during your stay and consultation.